Who We Are

Her Dear Diary Initiative (HDDI) is a not for profit organization that is committed to contributing to the solutions of the sensitive problems facing our society with particular emphasis on empowering ladies and girls in northern Nigeria. HDDI operates out of the city of Kano state Nigeria by utilizing organized projects to execute her empowerment programs and interventions. HDDI was motivated by the fact that illiteracy is responsible for the backwardness, social vices and poverty prevalent among northern Nigerian ladies and girls – hence HDDI was conceived in 2015 with the intention of impacting and enhancing ladies and girls through capacity building, core learning and mentorship programs. HDDI is structured organically, which allows for characteristic voluntary engagements in diverse roles towards achieving the set goals and objectives. HDDI benefits from this structure whereby a conglomerate of creative and talented individuals volunteer their skill sets in a bid to achieve the HDDI mandate which is to enhance ladies and girls and their holistic well-being.

Mission & Vision

A world where every lady and girl is addressed and dealt with based on the content of her character and her abilities rather than her gender

  • To foster youth development and women empowerment through capacity building and the advancement of social integration
  • To create an enabling environment that promotes the empowerment and holistic wellbeing of ladies and girls